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Publicity & Media Exposure

Before you seek out publicity for your business, brand or product,

it’s important to understand what publicity is, how it works, and why media exposure matters.

Publicity and Media Exposure

What is Publicity?

Publicity is attention from the media that is directed towards a person, company, service or product. This would naturally include more traditional news sources, such as television, newspapers and radio, but it also includes various new forms of media, including podcasts, blogs, and online websites.


How Does Publicity Work? 

Publicity functions differently from traditional advertising in that you are not paying for media exposure, but rather, you are earning the attention from the media through the story and information you have to share.

The media is always looking for new and interesting stories to share with their audiences, and you want to reach a wide audience in order to raise the profile of your brand. By providing them with expert information or a backstory that is newsworthy, you can gain the attention of the media and increase your chances of being featured.

Why is Publicity Important?

Publicity is important because it provides your business with third-party validation. When you're interviewed by a reporter or news anchor, you'll receive an immediate lift in credibility and trust from the general public, especially because you did not pay for the coverage. You will also build awareness and a positive image for your brand, product or service.

Can Media Exposure Help Your Business?

Yes! The exposure your business and brand receive from media placements can improve your credibility. This boost in attention can generate interest from potential customers or clients, and create a buzz around your company or services, potentially leading to more online traffic, an enhanced brand image, and improved search engine rankings.

Publicity vs. Marketing: What’s the Difference?


The main difference between publicity and marketing is that marketing is paid attention, while publicity is earned media attention.  

Marketing services can include advertising, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing or email marketing.

Publicity, on the other hand, is about earning media exposure for your company or brand. This can be achieved through news releases, press kits, media alerts, press conferences, interviews, product launches, expert interviews, and more.


Publicity and marketing are two different ways to build awareness for your brand. Many companies invest in each equally, though some may prioritize one over the other. Understanding if publicity is the right investment for your brand or company often requires an honest conversation with someone from inside the industry who can help you understand how earned media could work for your goals specifically. 

What Are the Different Types of Publicity? 

There are a few different types of publicity, each with its own unique benefits:

Interviews: Interviews are a great way to share your story with the media and build credibility for your brand. There’s also no shortage of opportunities for interviews, whether it’s on television, radio, podcasts, or for a local newspaper or online article. 

Expert Commentary: News outlets regularly need experts to provide insight and analysis on breaking news events. Providing expert commentary is an excellent way to increase your credibility and presence in the media. 

News Releases: A news release is a formal, written statement that is sent to the media in an effort to generate press coverage. When distributed on media wires, press releases can also increase a company’s SEO.

Press Kits: A press kit is a collection of materials that provide information about you or your company to the media. This might include a biography, fact sheet, product sheet, company overview and high-resolution images.

Product Features & Reviews: By sending free product samples or offering free services to bloggers, media personalities, influencers, or other public figures, you are opening up opportunities to be featured in their social media handles, blog posts, or other forms of public content.  

Gift Guides: Gift guides are no longer published during the holiday season and are created year round. Being featured in gift guides is a great way to showcase your product and build brand awareness. 

Why Should You Hire a PR Firm?

Publicity falls under the umbrella of public relations, so naturally, a public relations agency would offer publicity as part of their PR services and be able to help your brand receive the publicity you deserve for the story you’re destined to tell.

The media industry is complicated and constantly changing. A PR firm’s sole responsibility is to understand this industry and all of its complexities. As your business grows, it is wise to hand the task of media relations off to the experts who work in this field each and every day, rather than attempting to understand the ins and outs on your own. 

Investing in a PR firm is a wise move if you want to take your business to the next level.

Publicity & Media Exposure is What We Do!

Cleary Strategies is a leading PR agency and attaining media placements for our clients is what we do best. Based on your goals and needs, we will formulate a publicity plan that is right for you. 

We have a wealth of experience and relationships with the media, which gives us the ability to get your story in front of the right people. Who we know is only part of the answer though - our success also comes from creating great pitches and then pitching them to the right reporters and programming looking to cover those topics, stories, and angles. It is our understanding of the media industry as a whole that results in success for our clients far more often than just the people we know in the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you achieve your publicity goals, contact us today!

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