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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold: 

  • We aim to be a successful connector and strategist on behalf of our interesting, newsworthy, compelling, and vetted clients, as they seek to earn ongoing media attention for their expertise, brand, story, and opinion. In doing so, we improve their credibility, brand awareness, and name recognition.

  • We aim to be a reliable resource to bookers, producers, journalists, and reporters, when they seek expert sources and meaningful stories to share with their viewers, readers, and listeners. In doing so, we strengthen our media relationships so that we can better serve our clients.

PR Agency Mission

​We accomplish our mission each and every day because of these four core tenants and values we use as the foundation for our agency. This is who we are.

  • Leading Through a Journalist’s Lens

  • A Gatekeepers’ Mindset

  • The Big Picture 

  • Results Driven

1. Leading Through a Journalist's Lens

We come from news life and, make no mistake, we believe that’s what makes us better. How can you pitch a newsroom if you’ve never worked in one? We ask ourselves that when we look at the competition. Our founder’s career in television journalism gives her the know-how and understanding to lead the team at Cleary Strategies to success on behalf of our clients. 

2. A Gatekeepers’ Mindset  

We are unlike other PR agencies because we cannot and will not take on every client who seeks out our services. Bookers, producers, and reporters open our emails because they trust us to do the hard work and only send the best and most compelling pitches on behalf of the best and most compelling sources. We are the gatekeepers. We choose to work with our clients as much as they choose to work with our agency, creating meaningful and effective partnerships that result in success. 

If we feel a potential client is not ready for services today, we’ll also provide tools, tips, and next steps to consider implementing to help them get there. 


3. The Big Picture

Cleary Strategies fits into a much bigger picture when it comes to earned media success. The integration of our role, the news cycle’s role, and the client’s role come together to create a successful earned media strategy. We bring relationships and deep industry knowledge. The client must bring a unique story, competence, and availability. The news cycle’s rhythm affects the relevance and timing of placements. We guide our clients through the understanding of this process and how each component intersects with and affects one another. 

Earned Media Success

4. Results Driven

Ultimately, our goal is to secure meaningful and regular earned media placements on behalf of our clients to improve their credibility, brand awareness, and name recognition. We pride ourselves on setting appropriate expectations each month and adjusting our strategy as we receive feedback from our outreach. We are nimble and flexible, giving us the ability to anticipate the news cycle, respond to it, and adjust accordingly. This leads to results.   


We provide access to state-of-the-art analytics dashboards of key performance indicators (KPIs) detailing estimated monetary value, audience size, media mentions, and more. Take a look at some real examples of metrics provided to Cleary Strategies clients to summarize a month of earned media placements on their behalf.

Results Driven PR
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Let’s Talk

We are Cleary Strategies, where we provide big-agency quality public relations with boutique-style attention to detail. We work with interesting, newsworthy, compelling, and vetted clients to improve their credibility, brand awareness, and name recognition through ongoing earned media. 


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Results Driven Public Relations
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