Jessica Walker

EXPERTISE: Beauty industry, small business, women’s empowerment, overcoming adversity, working motherhood

BIO: Jessica Walker is a successful business owner, entrepreneur and beauty and wellness expert who is the President of J Walker Salon Group in New Jersey. Jessica opened her business at the tender age of 19 and has grown the enterprise from one small salon to four locations offering upscale beauty and wellness services, along with a bridal and event business. She is highly regarded for her leadership style, Leading With Kindness.

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Dr. Frank Contacessa (aka “Dr. Frank”)

EXPERTISE: Medicine, COVID, health, wellness, medical news

BIO: Dr. Frank Contacessa, affectionately called “Dr. Frank,” is an internist with Northwell Health Physician Partners in Armonk, New York, with nearly 17 years of experience in private practice. He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine with professional memberships at the New York State Medical Society and Westchester County Medical Society. 

Dr. Frank is fluent in Spanish. 

Dr. Frank prioritizes the doctor-patient relationship above all else, as it is the foundation that supports everything else he does as a physician. He focuses on prevention and a healthy lifestyle as the keys to good health, taking a personal approach with each patient to help them achieve and maintain wellness. 

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Frank Perri

EXPERTISE: Hypnosis, resolutions, better health, overcoming addiction and addictive behaviors

BIO: Frank Perri, of Philadelphia Hypnosis, is a certified Hypnotherapist, most notably with the National Guild of Hypnotists. He helps his clients quit smoking, lose weight, stop biting their nails, and so much more.

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Chris Markowski

EXPERTISE: Markets, jobs, economy, inflation, the “everyman”/“everywoman” investor

BIO: Chris Markowski founded Markowski Investments in 1995, which is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory. He's known as the "Watchdog on Wall Street" and has been appearing on television for two decades. Chris is a champion for the individual investor and an investor advocate. Chris is a veteran TV guest with decades of experience.

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Jill Wierbicki Abrahams 

EXPERTISE: Philanthropy, financial fluency programs for women, social policy issues 

BIO: Jill Wierbicki Abrahams is the Executive Director for the Francine A. LeFrak Foundation and the Same Sky Foundation Fund. After a 30-year career as a principal gifts and gift planning fundraiser, Jill is seen as a leader in the field of philanthropy. Prior to taking on the role of Executive Director, Jill was the Director of Major Gifts and Gift Planning at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and was most recently the Vice President for Advancement at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts.

Being fully versed in the area of philanthropy, Jill’s focus and areas of expertise center around social policy issues as her time at the Kennedy School provided her with opportunities to work closely with academic scholars whose research is guiding policy decisions. 

Jill’s current portfolio is focused on women and philanthropy as well as establishing financial fluency programs for women as part of their overall well-being.

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David Khalif

EXPERTISE: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, green energy investing, ETFs, markets 

BIO: David Khalif is the Head of Operations at Viridi Funds at just 24 years old. Viridi is a registered investment advisor providing crypto-related investment products. The Viridi Cleaner Energy Crypto-Mining & Semiconductor ETF (“RIGZ”), is the first actively-managed ETF that invests solely in the crypto mining vertical consisting of companies that utilize energy sources to secure the bitcoin network. RIGZ uses proprietary valuation metrics to identify mining companies that are believed to have a strong prospect for growth, in addition to utilizing clean energy sources, in a tax-efficient manner. Follow him on twitter @DavidKhalif

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Meenal Lele

EXPERTISE: Food allergies, infant nutrition, early allergen introduction, entrepreneurship

BIO: Meenal Lele is the Founder & CEO of Lil Mixins, a food allergy introduction company for babies. Lele started on her journey of giving babies a healthy start when her own son was rushed to the ER from a severe food allergy reaction. Today, it is her mission to end the food allergy epidemic in America. Her product line started with Lil Mixins protein powders, an early allergen introduction solution for babies. Her story is one of inspiration as she took her sadness and anger over her son’s chronic food allergy diagnosis and turned it into purpose by helping others. Lele has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, on Fox, and many other outlets.

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Debi Yadegari

EXPERTISE: HR, HR tech, the great resignation, the she-cession, equality in the workplace, paid family leave, DEI in the workplace, women’s leadership

BIO: Debi Yadegari is the Founder and CEO of Villyge, an employee benefit that supports working parents and caregivers by engaging management in critical conversations and delivering 1:1 virtual assistance directly to the employee. She is also a working mother of FIVE (ages 5, 10, 13, 15 and 16), a former Wall Street lawyer and an expert in the areas of caregiving, HR, and employee relations.

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Carissa Reiniger

EXPERTISE: Small business, jobs, small business economy in light of COVID, future of small business in a post-COVID world, small business strategy & success, women’s leadership


Carissa Reiniger, Small Business Expert and Founder & CEO, Silver Lining Ltd: Carissa Reiniger is on a mission to help more small business owners make money doing what they love because she genuinely believes that we CAN change the economy one small business at a time. She has worked with major organizations such as Google, The White House, Hewlett-Packard, Intuit, Citi Cards, Staples, Citrix, and American Airlines to bring more resources and support to small businesses.

Reiniger is the Founder & CEO of Silver Lining Ltd and the creator of the Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP), a proven methodology based in behavior change science that has been helping small business owners worldwide build more profitable and sustainable businesses since 2005. By leveraging technology and data, SLAP is the modern approach to the age-old problem of growing a small business. 

More than 11,000 small business owners across 30 countries have utilized Reiniger’s SLAP program. Follow Reiniger on twitter @CarissaReiniger

RECENT MEDIA: See Carissa on Good Morning America

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Tammy Trenta

EXPERTISE: Finance, markets, crypto

BIO: Tammy Trenta, MBA, CFP, CTC, CEXP, is the Founder & CEO of Family Financial, an asset management firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Trenta opened her firm with 25 years of industry experience. Trenta believes in a holistic, 360 degree approach to wealth and financial management, integrating financial, tax, and legal guidance to deliver optimal outcomes on behalf of her clients' financial goals. Trenta is a media veteran, first appearing on Season 5 of The Apprentice, where she made it to the final five.

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Al Lord

EXPERTISE: Real estate, investing, inflation, supply chain issues related to construction materials

BIO: Al Lord is the Founder & CEO of Lexerd Capital Management, a real estate firm that primarily sponsors investments in opportunistic multifamily real estate assets throughout the United States. Lexerd has managed over $1 Billion in assets since its founding.

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Wes Fulford

EXPERTISE: Crypto mining, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, green energy investing, ETFs, markets

BIO: Wes Fulford is the CEO of Viridi Funds. Viridi's ETF offers exposure to cryptocurrency miners while prioritizing companies that are green energy focused. Fulford draws on over 15 years of experience in capital markets, investment banking, asset management and cryptocurrency as he leads Viridi Funds. As the former CEO and Director of TSXV-listed Bitfarms Ltd., Mr. Fulford led the company to 291% operational growth in 2019, cementing Bitfarms’ position as one of the largest publicly-traded cryptocurrency mining companies globally. In July 2019, Bitfarms successfully completed a Canadian public listing and became the first cryptocurrency company to have a Canadian listing cleared by the Ontario Securities Commission. Under Mr. Fulford’s vision and leadership, Bitfarms established itself as a vertically integrated, ESG-focused and institutional grade cryptocurrency miner, complete with a “big four” audit partner. 

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Mara Smith

EXPERTISE: Tequila, small business, giving back to women in business, entrepreneurship, spirits, career pivots and transitions

BIO: Mara Smith is the Founder of Inspiro Tequila, a tequila brand that is owned, created, and inspired by women, a rare find in the tequila industry.

Mara is also on a mission to give back to other female founders. This was the inspiration and vision behind the Inspiro Purple Bicycle Project, created to financially support and mentor female founders enabling them to get started, manage the bumps along the way, and move forward to follow their dreams.

RECENT MEDIA: See Mara on Bloomberg Quicktake

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Kevin Nicholson

EXPERTISE: Veterans’ issues, Afghanistan, Iraq, Wisconsin politics, conservative issues, GOP, Republican party

BIO: Kevin Nicholson is running for Governor of Wisconsin. He is a father of three, businessman, and combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps (Iraq: 2007; Afghanistan: 2008-2009). Kevin – a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2018 – created No Better Friend Corp. and ran for office for the same reason he joined the Marine Corps while America was at war: because America is worth fighting for. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Kevin’s path to conservatism is not typical. He served as the national president of the College Democrats of America in 1999/2000, didn’t like what he saw inside the Democrat Party, and decided to take a different path. He went on to run his college newspaper, worked as a cowboy in Wyoming, got married, joined the Marines, had children, attended graduate school, and now works in business. Kevin met his wife Jessie while attending the University of Minnesota, where he received a Bachelor of Arts. After serving as a Marine from 2004-2009, Kevin attended Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business (MBA) and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government (MPA). When combat tours and higher education were done, he and Jessie chose to return to Wisconsin to raise their family.

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