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Crisis Communications

A crisis can come in many forms, whether it be a negative story in a local paper, a circulating rumor among your organization, or a previous employee going rogue on social media. Our goal is to help you respond swiftly and effectively to the media and your target audience when faced with an unexpected negative situation.

When considering a team to lead your crisis planning and efforts, consider where their expertise was formed. Our Founder & CEO has asked the toughest questions of Governors, US Congressmen and women, US Senators, White House Press Secretaries, and a former President of the United States. She understands the mindset of a journalist looking to catch a person in an  unflattering light. She uses this experience and understanding to prepare her clients for crises. 

Our Founder & CEO, Ronica Cleary, spent the majority of her television career covering politics: elections at the local, state, and national level, elected officials while serving in office, and ultimately the United States Congress, Senate, and White House. Her experience in this space gives her a keen understanding of how the press looks for and embraces a crisis in order to generate clickable and eye-catching headlines. 

Our Core Services

Cleary Strategies is a leader in crisis communication strategies and in helping our clients prepare for a PR crisis before or as soon as it happens. We are here to protect, fortify, and rebuild your reputation through strategic media exposure.  

Crisis Planning Strategy

Crisis Planning 

Are there moments or actions in your past or in your company’s past that could be misinterpreted by the media or presented in a negative light? Working with a trusted crisis communications professional can help you to identify those instances and begin to prepare for negative headlines that may result if revealed or made public. 

Based on your industry or area of expertise, you can also begin to imagine the types of negative headlines that could result from external factors and sources. Ultimately, we cannot anticipate every possible negative headliner or crisis situation, but working alongside an experienced crisis communicator can help you to plan for many of them and ultimately be more prepared for any crisis - expected or unexpected - that may come your way. 

Reputation Management 

Every organization is susceptible to a PR crisis. No one is immune from bad press, social media gaffes, or employee misconduct. Sudden negative media attention can have devastating effects on a company's revenue, the morale of its current employees, and its future. We provide reputation management services to protect you from these risks by ensuring that your name is synonymous with professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

Public Relations

As a full-service PR agency, public relations is at the heart of everything we do. We are experts in managing the relationships between an organization and its key stakeholders. We help our clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of public opinion to protect their reputation and the trust of their investors, customers, employees, and communities. In response to a crisis, we will help you navigate and decide on which interviews to conduct with the networks, publications, anchors, and reporters best suited for your success. Choosing the right media outlet will help you to more effectively share your message and regain trust from those that matter most.

Media Training 

Interacting with the media can be nerve-wracking on a good day, but throw a crisis or scandal into the mix and your ability to navigate a reporter’s questions may become even more difficult. That's why our comprehensive media training services will help you hone your message and delivery before facing the press. We understand the media landscape, and we will teach you how to effectively communicate with the press, even amid a difficult situation or topic.

Get in Touch 


If you are looking for a leading crisis communications agency to help protect your reputation during difficult times, contact Cleary Strategies today. We are here to help you navigate the challenges of a PR crisis and emerge on the other side with your reputation intact.

Thank you! We will contact you shortly.

Crisis Communications FAQ


What are crisis communications?

Crisis communications is the practice of managing a company's reputation and relationships with its key stakeholders when faced with unexpected negative media attention.

What does a crisis communications agency do? 

A crisis communications agency helps companies navigate the challenges of a PR crisis. Developing a crisis communication strategy is essential for any organization or company that wants to be prepared for a negative event that may diminish or destroy their reputation.

What's involved in a crisis communications plan?


This type of plan generally includes five key components:

Anticipating - Working alongside an experienced crisis communicator can help you to plan and prepare for any crisis - expected or unexpected - that may come your way. 

Message Development - What are the key messages that need to be communicated during a crisis? Who is responsible for communicating these messages?

Media Relations - How will the media be handled during a crisis? Who is the point person for media inquiries? This is where the expertise and experience of a leading PR firm can help your company or brand prepare for the unexpected.

Stakeholder Relations - How will stakeholders be kept informed during a crisis? Who is responsible for updating them on the situation?

Employee Communications - How will employees be kept apprised of the situation and what they should say if asked about it?

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