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Podcast Pitching

Podcast Guesting is an incredibly valuable part of any earned media strategy. Podcasts target a smaller but more dedicated audience than other mediums. Through strategic placements on podcasts aligned with your specific expertise, you have the opportunity to speak directly to an audience seeking out the type of information and expertise only you can share. 

You’re an expert with a rich story to tell.

But are you staying ahead of the curve with modern media formats to connect with your audience and build your brand?

You’ve put countless hours into mastering your craft, and you do everything possible to elevate your brand—publish books, write blogs, and engage with your audience on social media. But, it can be challenging to learn new platforms when you’re cultivating your business and maintaining your presence on other media formats.


PR is constantly evolving, and podcasting is now an essential part of marketing yourself. With more podcast listeners than ever before (many of whom make decisions based purely on what they hear on their favorite podcasts), you don’t want to miss the opportunity to reach this diverse part of your audience.

Share your story. Strengthen your brand.

If you want the chance to forge deeper connections with your audience and are ready to be featured on a podcast, dedicated PR can help. Podcasts are a strategic avenue to a receptive audience that’s ready to engage and willing to listen to extended interviews and learn more, not just about your area of expertise and your brand but also about you and your story!


To add to that, long after your interview, new listeners will tune in to past episodes and hear your story, meaning you’ll invest in long-term exposure for continued brand growth, authority, and visibility.


As a podcast guest, you’ll have an essential platform to reach your audience and gain new subscribers. Since podcasts are incredibly versatile and serve an ever-growing pool of listeners, there are more opportunities for our PR team to find shows that align with your niche, providing the opportunity to expand your audience. Our full-service PR firm will support your business’ growth by providing access to this crucial medium and helping you navigate the podcast landscape. We’ll find the opportunities you need to share your story, elevate your brand, and stay competitive. 

Podcast Guesting for Experts Looking To Build Their Brands

From connecting with your audience on a new level to finding a platform to market your business, product, book, or latest service, podcasts are the ideal space to share your story and experience.

What you need to know about podcasting and PR strategy.

Is there a list of podcasts that you will pitch me to? 

We create, regularly update, and add to a list of podcasts we will pitch as part of our outreach efforts. These lists are generally maintained based on niche, level of engagement, and reputation for the most effective placements. At Cleary Strategies, we secure access to proprietary platforms to ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest and most active podcasts, producer contact information, and more. 

How do I become a guest on a podcast?

A PR team can connect you with a podcast. We’ll consider your industry, short-term and long-term goals, personal background, and more to pitch you to podcasts that best suit you.

What are tips for being a good podcast guest?

Be knowledgeable about the podcast (and the host), authentic in your storytelling, and provide valuable information to connect with your audience. It’s also vital to highlight the most important parts of your brand while respecting the interviewer’s time. If you choose to work with us, we’ll ensure you’re well-prepared ahead of time. 

Will I need to fill out a podcast guest questionnaire? 

Many podcasts request that guests fill out a questionnaire so the interviewer understands their background, expertise, and any promotional opportunities. If you choose to work with us, we’ll either manage this process completely for you or work alongside you in this step.

Will I know the podcast guest questions in advance?  

Many podcasts will provide question lists in advance or even ask guests for a list of potential questions to discuss during the episode! Keep in mind that even with a mapped set of questions, conversations are intended to feel natural and may move in other directions based on the dialogue. It’s important to be comfortable with some level of uncertainty, even if the questions are agreed upon beforehand. 

For fearless leaders and innovators with influential stories to share.


Ready to take your business to the next level, promote a new venture, and explore what podcasting can do for your personal brand? We can’t wait to hear from you.

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