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Mobilizing the power of publicity for good.

Oftentimes, those with the smallest budgets are the ones who can benefit from earned media and publicity the most. With this in mind, we launched #ClearyCares, pro bono PR support provided to those with limited resources, but important causes that deserve media attention. Through these efforts, we work to mobilize the power of publicity for good. 


#ClearyCares clients join us for short-term projects with a specific goal in mind - increasing awareness for their cause, fundraiser, event, or mission. We have secured placements for #ClearyCares clients on CNN, Fox News Channel, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Fox Business, CBS News Live, Cheddar TV, and many more. 


So why do we give back by just doing more of what we do every day? Well, it’s simple really. Earned media is what we love and what we do best. We know that navigating the media can be incredibly confusing and time consuming, and we especially want those who are working to give back in their own right to not be saddled by these challenges. We launched #ClearyCares to help them along the way.


Here are some of our past and present #ClearyCares clients, their stories, and highlights of their media wins.

Ukrainian Voices

ENGin is a nonprofit organization that pairs Ukrainian youth with English-speakers for free online conversation practice and cross-cultural connection. At the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the founder of ENGin reached out to Cleary Strategies asking if we could give her some advice - how could she get Ukrainian voices on television to share their stories and experiences from the ground? Of course, we knew the answer was not to simply provide a few tips - instead, this was our opportunity to dig deep and help. We immediately began an expansive effort to place Ukrainian civilians, and a handful of Ukrainian fighter pilots, on television stations across the United States. Our efforts landed guest appearances on Fox News Channel, CNN, CBS News Live, Fox Business, Cheddar TV, and more. 


Take a look at this montage of just some of the media placements we secured for Ukrainian Voices at the start of Russia’s invasion. 

Ukrainian Voices

Zachary Root & His Usher 1F Cereal Challenge

A rare genetic condition called Usher Syndrome causes deaf-blindness. Zachary Root has Usher 1F - he was born deaf and is losing his vision - and in the summer of 2021, at just 8 years old, he launched the Usher 1F Cereal Challenge to raise awareness and find a cure.


When we learned about Zachary's challenge, we knew the best way for us to help was to get him the media attention necessary to raise meaningful donations. Zachary and his cereal challenge appeared on ABC7 New York, Fox 5 NYC, News 12 NJ, WPIX 11, and more, and we also got Kellog's Rice Krispies to officially take the challenge and match donations!


Our efforts helped surpass his goal of raising $100,000 and resulted in $150,000 raised to help fund research to one day find a cure! We hope you'll take a moment to watch this montage of Zachary's appearances to promote his incredible cereal challenge, and if you'd like to learn more and donate, you can do so here. Cereal not required!

Zachary Roote & His Usher 1F Cereal Challenge

Grands Stepping Up

Did you know that in the state of Pennsylvania, nearly 202,000 children live in households headed by grandparents or other relatives? More than 80,000 grandparents are responsible for meeting the basic needs of their grandchildren. Grandparents and other relative guardians/caregivers help children thrive by keeping them loved, safe, and in surroundings familiar to them. 


Grands Stepping Up supports grandparents who are raising their grandchildren alone and we are incredibly moved by the work they do. This is just one of the pieces of earned media we secured for the organization in The Philadelphia Inquirer. The organization has also been featured on Philadelphia’s 6 ABC, NBC 10 and Fox 29. 

Miss Philadelphia Organization 

It just so happens that our founder, Ronica Cleary, once held the title of Miss Philadelphia. We won’t tell you the year - she wouldn’t like that! But winning the title of Miss Philadelphia is how our founder ended up working in television, which ultimately is what gave her the experience and credibility to launch Cleary Strategies. To say the least, it was a pretty incredible and transformative life event for her.


Each year, to give back to the organization that gave our founder so much, we help the scholarship program organize a media tour for the winners of Miss Philadelphia and Miss Philadelphia’s Outstanding Teen after their official crowning. We also manage any media inquiries that may come in throughout the year for the titleholders. The winners have been featured on Philadelphia’s Fox 29, PHL 17, 6 ABC, CBS 3, and more! Take a look at the 2021 and the 2022 victory tour montage. 

Miss Philadelphia

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