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Media Placements

Achieving earned media placements and exposure is a key part of what our full-service PR agency can do for your brand and business. Here are just some of the outlets and programs where you may have seen Cleary Strategies clients featured.

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What are media placements?

Media placements, also called media exposure or earned media, are interviews, features, quotes by, or mentions of you or your brand in a media outlet, whether that be on television, radio, podcasts, print, or web. 

What’s the difference between earned media vs. paid media?

Paid placements are where you pay for advertising, such as when you buy ads on Google or run video pre-roll ads. Paid media is also used in the form of paid search (Google AdWords) and paid social (Facebook Ads).

However, placements achieved from a PR firm would be considered “earned media,” and this is when you are featured in a media outlet without paying for this attention, such as in an interview or an online mention.

While advertising and PR are both pillars within the media industry, the benefits of public relations do outweigh that of advertising in terms of the instant credibility your brand receives, the overall reach and ROI from earned placements, and the long-term connections and networking opportunities that stem from meeting experts in the media field.

Why are earned media placements so important?

Earned media placements are important because, not only do they allow you to communicate your message and reach a specific audience, but you also receive an instant boost in credibility and reputation. When a consumer sees an ad on TV, they are well aware that the company paid for that commercial placement. But when someone is interviewed on live television, they are viewing that person as an expert and leader in their field, and they are far more likely to trust what you say about a product or industry, as opposed to what a paid actor in a commercial ad might be saying.

What can our PR agency do for you?

Our clients appear regularly on television, radio, print, web, and podcasts. Getting your story or brand mentioned in Forbes or Glamour, or securing a guest interview on FOX News or Good Morning America are what we do for our clients as part of our media pitching and relations services.

We take a very strategic approach to getting your name and brand covered by the media. We will base our pitching and tactics on your short and long-term goals and the personal PR strategy that we specifically tailor to your brand and company. 

Visit our YouTube page for highlights of our clients on television, or check out some of our recent media placements below!

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