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B2B Public Relations

Don’t miss the moment. You’ve likely seen the phrase on our social media posts, website, and merch


What does it mean and why does it matter so much to us?


Don’t miss the moment represents the fundamental principle that makes news competitive, exciting, and non-stop. 


We make it our priority to make sure our clients never miss their moment to fit into the news cycle. You see, no matter how interesting, dynamic, and compelling one’s expertise, product, or brand may be, no one is relevant at all times. Understanding the news cycle’s cadence and rhythm, all while guiding our clients to make the most of the times when they can add value to it, is what makes our agency so good at what we do. 


Take, for example, when inflation hit 7% for the first time since 1982 in January of 2022. When the news broke we immediately reviewed our client roster for those best suited to provide commentary and began pitching them accordingly. For several of our clients and their areas of expertise, this monumental news was an opportunity to share meaningful insight and analysis - their "moment." Within less than 24 hours we booked clients on six different programs across the country to respond, analyze, and help viewers understand what those inflation numbers meant for them. 


This is what we mean when we say "Don't Miss The Moment."


Not only do we respond in real time to breaking news, we work tirelessly to map our PR strategies and plans ahead of time in anticipation of a moment that might be yours for the taking. 


A good example of effective strategy planning around an upcoming moment came when we represented a small business expert. We specifically planned our contract around meaningful days in the news cycle when a small business expert would be most relevant - like Small Business Saturday in November or the state of small business in the New Year. Our strategic planning, timing, and efforts resulted in placements on Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, and Fox News. We might not have had the same success had we not carefully coordinated our pitching with the cadence and rhythm of the news cycle when their expertise would be most relevant. 


Again, this is what we mean when we say "Don't Miss The Moment."


Does your PR team spring into action when the moment is yours for the taking? Does your PR team work with you to carefully plan and anticipate the moments when you will be most relevant? Who is advocating for you when your expertise is the right fit for the top headline? Contact us today to learn more about how we can make sure you don’t miss the moment.


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