If you want press coverage, you have to give reporters a reason to cover your story. Ronica has worked for television news programs that air in NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, and she understands the decision making process that causes some stories to make the cut, while others are ignored. She will work with you to get to the heart of your brand, business, or campaign, and find the story that is worthy of making the news. And then she'll find the newsrooms willing to give it the airtime it deserves.




When the media come calling, will you be ready? With years of experience in television, covering politicians across America and then the White House Press Briefing Room, Ronica knows how reporters think and the goals they bring to an interview. She prepares her clients for the toughest questions, the unexpected angles, and the misleading headlines. If you're going to sit down with a reporter, you need a coach and advocate who will prepare you to be your best in a world where reporters hope you'll be your worst.


In a time of crisis, the worst thing you can do is to avoid the press. Silence will hurt you, but rushing to respond without a plan and a strategy can backfire. Ronica understands how to navigate traditional media and social media so that you can aggressively respond to a negative story while preserving and rebuilding your reputation.


The benefits of an effective OpEd to your public persona cannot be overstated. Ronica has successfully constructed and placed OpEds for her clients. OpEds allow your message to reach more people, increase your social media following, and often result in media hits.


Ronica has helped her clients gain thousands of new social media followers. It is not simply about posting more tweets or sharing more photos. Instead, a successful social media presence comes from a combination of effective posts, strong messaging, and an understanding of how traditional media intersects with social media. Ronica can build a strategy to help you accomplish your social media goals, or manage your social media accounts completely.


Ronica has addressed over 25,000 people across the country, speaking on a variety of topics. Ronica has also taught dozens of public speaking courses at top tier universities. Her experience lends itself to preparing you for the thing that people fear most - public speaking. Don't let fear stop you from delivering your best message and leaving your mark.


If you appear on television, how do you plan to share it with the world? We have the ability to edit your television appearances into shareable videos that will allow your message to be heard far beyond your minutes of screen time.