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PR Services

Average package price is $4,500/month. Learn more.

As a full-service PR firm and communications agency, Cleary Strategies specializes in attaining media exposure, television placements, and publicity for our clients. Our PR strategies are tailored to each client based on their goals and personal brand.   

Prior to forming Cleary Strategies, our founder, Ronica Cleary, was most recently a host and White House Correspondent for WTTG Fox 5 in Washington, D.C. She knows how the media works and understands exactly the kind of media attention her clients need and deserve.   

Publicity & Media Exposure

If you want press coverage, you must give reporters a reason to cover your story. We not only know what a story needs to make the cut, we’ve also built strong relationships with producers, editors, and reporters from across the country.

We work with our clients to get to the heart of their expertise, brand, business, or campaign, and find the story that is worthy of making the news. We are also incredibly savvy and experienced at facilitating press opportunities that align with breaking news stories on live TV, helping our clients to become thought leaders in their fields or professions.  

Cleary Strategies provides media placements and exposure on the following platforms:


TV Media Placements

Cleary Strategies is a public relations industry leader in TV media placements. While there are advantages to every kind of media exposure, nothing beats the immediate lift in attention and credibility that one gets from being featured on television.


And as television viewership changes, Cleary Strategies has adjusted in kind. Our agency not only places on local and network television, but also on streaming programming.

Radio and Podcasts

News Flash: Radio is far from dead. Listeners are still tuning in to their favorite stations every day while driving on the road, or while staying home with remote work so prominent. One of the major benefits of radio interviews is that the segments are often lengthier than a TV interview, allowing a guest to go more in-depth with their message and story. These interviews also provide excellent clips for other forms of content marketing, such as video, social media posts, or blogging.

Podcasting has been growing in popularity over the past decade and now millions of people are tuning in to their favorite podcasts each week. Similar to radio, when you are a guest on a podcast, you’re able to speak at length about the issues you want to champion, which can lead to more interviews, increased sales, and higher visibility for your brand and business.

Radio Interviews

Print and Web

Print and Web Media Placements

Don’t underestimate the power of print. There are still thousands of people who stay connected with the media through magazine and local newspaper subscriptions. We work with reporters across all verticals to quote our clients on the latest happenings and feature their newsworthy stories.

Many newspapers and magazines now have an online version of their articles. Having a feature in print and online is a huge win, especially when the online placement leads to backlinks from trustworthy websites, boosting your site’s authority profile and driving more traffic. Bloggers and lifestyle sites are also excellent forms of media placements and can lead to even more backlinks, publicity, and new visitors for your website.

Additional Services

While publicity and earned media are our primary services, we offer so much more than media exposure. In addition, we can also provide the following for our clients:

Affiliate PR

Affiliate PR bridges the gap between public relations and affiliate marketing. By integrating PR tactics into affiliate strategies, brands can benefit from the credibility and influence of media placements in digital publications. This not only enhances brand visibility and trust but also drives traffic and conversions through the affiliate links.

Media Training

When the media comes calling, will you be ready? With years of experience in television, covering politicians across America and then the White House Press Briefing Room, our Founder & CEO, Ronica Cleary, knows how reporters think and the goals they bring to an interview. She prepares her clients for the toughest questions, the unexpected angles, and the misleading headlines. If you're going to sit down with a reporter, you need a coach and advocate who will prepare you to be your best in a world where reporters hope you'll be your worst.

Crisis Communications

In a time of crisis, the worst thing you can do is to avoid the press. Silence will hurt you, but rushing to respond without a plan and a strategy can backfire. We understand how to navigate traditional media and social media so that you can aggressively respond to a negative story, while preserving and rebuilding your reputation.

Video Editing

If you appear on television, how do you plan to share it with the world? We have the ability to capture and edit your television appearances into shareable videos that will allow your message to be heard far beyond your minutes of screen time.

Digital Advertising Services

We offer innovative digital strategies and powerful data to help your business grow and drive results. We believe that a “cookie cutter” approach no longer works on today’s hyper targeted digital era. We approach every campaign differently because your business is unique and work tirelessly to achieve your goals and deliver successful campaigns.

Op-Ed Development & Placements

The benefits of an effective Op-Ed, which is short for “opposite the editorial page,” is that your public persona cannot be overstated. We have successfully constructed and placed Op-Eds for her clients. Op-Eds allow your message to reach more people, increase your social media following, and often result in media hits.

SEO Support

While PR can increase your visibility, we need to make sure the customers you want to reach can also find you on the web. Utilizing our available SEO services and support in conjunction with the earned media placements we will land for you is a match made in PR heaven! 


Does the thought of putting your ideas to paper stop you in your tracks? At Cleary Strategies, we have a team of ghostwriters who can help take your ideas and turn them into the words needed to inspire and move readers. 

Social Media Strategy & Management

We have helped clients gain thousands of new social media followers. It is not simply about posting more tweets or sharing more photos. Instead, a successful social media presence comes from a combination of effective posts, strong messaging, and an understanding of how traditional media intersects with social media. We can build a strategy to help you accomplish your social media goals or manage your social media accounts completely.

Public Speaking Training

Our Founder & CEO, Ronica Cleary, has addressed over 25,000 people across the country, speaking on a variety of topics. Ronica has also taught dozens of public speaking courses at top tier universities. Her experience lends itself to preparing you for the thing that people fear most - public speaking. Don't let fear stop you from delivering your best message and leaving your mark.

PR Services FAQ

What are PR services?

Public relations (PR) is the practice of helping individuals, companies, or organizations communicate with the public. The goal of PR services is to share information about an individual, company, or organization by creating awareness and understanding through earned media on traditional and digital media channels.

What are the benefits of PR services?

Typically, any individual or business that wants to raise their profile would benefit from PR services. You will be able to influence your public image, positioning you as a thought leader and expert in your industry. You'll have an immediate lift in credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of the public, as well as the opportunity to create stronger relationships with journalists and other influencers.

What can a PR company do for me?

A PR company can assist in generating media placements, building your social media presence, developing key messages for messaging platforms, and creating a digital footprint. PR professionals are adept at maximizing the impact of press releases so that they get noticed by news outlets. They also understand how the media works, helping you cultivate relationships with media moguls through their own invaluable connections with leading journalists, editors, producers, and bloggers. 

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