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Legal PR: Litigation Public Relations for Lawyers & Law Firms

Public relations can be a powerful tool for law firms of any size. It can help to raise a firm's profile, increase visibility, and build trust with current and potential clients. When it comes to litigation public relations specifically, firms can use PR and media relations as an effective way to gain more control over their legal matters in the media – both positively and negatively.


Having a thorough understanding of what legal PR entails can help attorneys and law firms maximize the potential of their strategies and ensure successful communication. It can also vastly improve their brand recognition and awareness, and drive more business and prospective clients to their firm. Ultimately, effective legal PR can be a significant contributing factor to success for any law firm.

What is Legal PR?

Litigation public relations is a specialized service designed to manage the public's perception of an attorney or law firm’s involvement in a legal dispute. It can involve everything from providing media commentary on a case to helping craft a narrative that supports the attorney’s legal strategy. It also involves plugging your legal team into the media to provide valuable insights or thoughts on the latest breaking news surrounding a legal matter.

Thought Leadership PR for Attorneys

Thought leadership is a big piece of the legal PR puzzle, as it can position your legal team as the go-to resource on all things related to the law. Attorneys can use thought leadership PR to raise their profile and provide valuable insights on legal matters that are relevant to their practice, or on big cases in the media, such a celebrity divorces, murder trials, and high-profile business disputes.


By providing commentary on these topics, lawyers can demonstrate their expertise and become a trusted source for reporters, editors, and potential clients. This can be an invaluable tool in building your firm’s reputation and increasing its visibility in the public eye.

Crisis Communications for Lawyers & Law Firms

As with most PR strategies, crisis communications planning and active support can play a role in success. When a law firm finds itself in the midst of a crisis, such as an ethics violation or lawsuit, it’s important to have an effective plan for dealing with the situation.


An effective crisis communications strategy should include proactive measures that help to protect the reputation of the firm and its clients. This could involve issuing press releases, making public statements, or hosting press conferences to address the issue head-on.


It’s also important for law firms to have a strong relationship with the media, as this can help them to control the narrative during difficult times. Law firms should ensure that they are regularly communicating with reporters and providing up-to-date information about any legal disputes or other matters relating to the firm. A top-notch publicist is able to help facilitate this process and ensure that the firm is accurately represented in the media.

What is the Goal of a Litigation PR Strategy?

The overall goal of a legal PR strategy is to increase the visibility and reputation of the law firm, while at the same time protecting its interests. This means that it’s important for firms to think carefully about how they communicate their cases to the public in order to ensure that their messages are properly received.


For example, if a firm wants to be seen as a leader in a particular area of law, they may choose to focus their PR efforts on communicating their research and expertise related to that field. Similarly, if the firm is defending an important case, they may want to focus on presenting a positive spin while still making sure they’re accurately representing the facts.

What Makes a Legal PR Campaign Successful?

An effective litigation PR campaign should help shape public opinion in favor of the law firm, while also minimizing any negative press or disruption to its operations. It should be tailored to the interests of the firm and its clients, while also keeping in mind the needs of the media.


The key to a successful litigation PR strategy is having a clear vision of what you want to achieve, as well as an understanding of how best to communicate your goals. This means that it’s important to plan ahead and think carefully about how you want to present your message. If you are not a seasoned on-air speaker, you may want to consider media training to ensure that your messages are delivered effectively and clearly.

In Conclusion

Lawyers and law firms can benefit greatly from utilizing legal PR services, as they are able to shape and manage public opinion, boost their brand awareness and media exposure, while also providing strategic guidance on complex cases. Through a combination of proactive and reactive measures, legal PR can help maximize the potential of any litigation strategy.


Legal PR involves careful planning, creative messaging, and an understanding of the media landscape in order to ensure that a firm’s message is heard loud and clear. With the right strategy in place, law firms can maximize their visibility and minimize any potential damage to their reputation. In a highly competitive legal landscape, effective PR can be the difference between success and failure.

If you're a law firm in need of public relations services, Cleary Strategies can help. We specialize in providing customized legal PR solutions that can help your firm succeed and grow. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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