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Are you an expert in your field and looking to gain credibility through media appearances? ​Working with a publicist is the perfect way to share your skillset and knowledge with viewers, readers, and listeners. 

Media Training & Placement


Ronica has the experience to prepare you for local and national media appearances. She will work with you to expect the unexpected and gotcha-type questions that so many journalists rely on today. When you're ready, she will work to find the media opportunities you deserve to promote the work you are doing.

Crisis Communications


We must anticipate crisis in the age of "cancel culture." If you find yourself in the midst of negative press, Ronica will help you navigate the press gauntlet by helping you choose the best appearances, book the press you need to counter the narrative, and avoid the interviews that could be catastrophic.



Your voice - unfiltered. OpEds are a crucial element of building a public presence surrounding your expertise. Ronica understands what elements of your story and ideas make them newsworthy enough for publication, and can help you write them in a compelling way.

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