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Host - April 16, 2021

PR 101: Your Roadmap for Media Exposure


In this 90-minute Zoom workshop, two powerhouse publicists – veteran network news producer and founder of Nardi Media, Ashley Bernardi, and former White House Correspondent and founder of Cleary Strategies, Ronica Cleary – will teach you how to determine if you are newsworthy, how to promote your expertise, producer, or book, and tactics to do it yourself. Register here.

Panelist - October 22, 2020

PR and Politics: Lessons for Communicators During Election Season


A presidential election year. A global pandemic. A national social justice movement. A looming recession. Any of these would make for a great case study in implementing effective communications, but here we are in 2020 navigating them all simultaneously. As PR pros, we have to be prepared to message and communicate around these issues - and our industry can borrow many insights from strategic political communicators as we map out the best course for our companies and clients. Register here.

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