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Campaign Work



No question about it - Ronica is a fighter. She will demand excellence from reporters as they cover your campaign, and push back on the false and misleading headlines they will try to produce. Her understanding of the media is vast and will bring an edge to your campaign like no other. Having reported on the White House, presidential campaigns, multiple Governors, Capitol Hill, and elections at every level of government, she has an understanding of reporters and media unlike most politicos.  

If you want your campaign to earn the press it deserves, and have an advocate interacting with the media on your behalf who deeply understands the industry, Ronica is your gal.

Debate Prep

Ronica has written mock debates and has stood in as the opponent. It is the full and complete preparation your candidacy needs for the tough questions that journalists will undoubtedly ask. 

Social Media Management

Ronica will take your social media accounts and give them life. From drafting posts to complete platform management, Ronica understands how to create exciting and moving posts that will make voters enthusiastic about your candidacy. 


Your voice - unfiltered. OpEds are a crucial element of building a public presence surrounding your campaign. Ronica understands what elements of your story and ideas make them newsworthy enough for publication, and can help you write them in a compelling way.

Campaign Surrogate

If you need a person to speak on behalf of your campaign to the press, Ronica's experience and ability to handle the tough interview questions is unparalleled. 

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